Law Enforcement Officer of the Week

Robert Lemay, Vermillion Parish Sheriff’s Office
Click HERE to nominate a LEO!  Diane writes...Robert is also a veteran , now a Detective Seargent with the VPSO goes above and beyond what is asked or expected from an Officer. During a recent multi agency drug bust, several Officers were involved in the operation. Robert had the back of another officer as they were closing in on a home. As they were approaching, they ran into a 6' ditch that was pretty much all mud. Robert jumped across and actually made it, where some didn't , but when he landed , the pop was so loud another Officer heard it from several feet away. Robert didn't stop , though most would have . He knew that he has his brothers life in his hands and had to continue. As he continued to run, it took several of his colleagues to get him to stop seeing the pain he was in. They took him immediately for medical care. He had torn his calf muscle and fortunately didn't need surgery but was out for several weeks . He has recently returned to work on light duty until his Doctor releases him to full duty. This is just an example of his dedication to his brothers and sisters in Law Enforcement, and his community.