Ragin’ Cajuns Cheerleader Ejected from ULM Game. Details On Who Is He And What Happened

A star was born Saturday night in Louisiana’s nail-biting 31-30 victory over the Warhawks of ULM.

Levi Lewis had another great game. Raymond Calais and Elijah Mitchell each rushed for over 100 yards. And Stevie Artigue kicked a 27-yard field goal that ended up being the winning score.

Since Saturday night, there was another person that UL fans were talking about, though most of them didn’t know his name. Now we do. He is Luke Davidson (pic below). This is the story, as much of it as we can get, of Davidson’s instant rise to the status of true Ragin’ Cajun legend.

Luke Davidson

Benjamin Massey Photography

It was the fourth quarter. ULM RB Austin Vaughan scored a touchdown to put the Warhawks up 30-28.  This is a rivalry game. ULM was fighting for a winning season, a possible bowl game, and the chance to prevent the Cajuns from their first 10 win regular season in 118 years of football. And now ULM had the lead with under 8 minutes left in the game! The Warhawks were excited, including WR Jonathan Hodoh.

From multiple reports, Hodoh had words with coaches and others on the sideline earlier in the night. This time, he said something to the UL cheerleaders that were nearby. And Luke Davidson said something back. Hodoh came closer and said something else. Davidson responded again, and this time one of the officials saw. He promptly told Davidson he had to leave the field. Despite pleading his case, Davidson was ejected.

No one knows exactly what was said. Several people near the incident confirmed that Davidson did not initiate the chatter. Just like during the game, the instigator isn’t always spotted. It’s the second man in that gets the penalty.

There has been no official response to this event from either university. The game is over. The Cajuns play App State in the Sunbelt Championship Game this Saturday on ESPN. Hodoh and his teammates are done for the season.

We can’t wait for round two in Monroe next season!

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