Facebook May Be Testing a Facial Recognition Tool

Facebook may be testing a facial recognition tool that could be used to verify your identity.


Jane Manchun Wong is a 23-year-old app researcher famous for uncovering new features before they launch.  Wong announced on Twitter that she has discovered a reference to a facial recognition system in Facebook‘s mobile app.


According to Wong, the user would take a “video selfie” looking in different directions so Facebook can get a complete view of your face.  Facebook says no one else would see the video and the clip would be deleted after 30-days.


Wong raised several questions.

“If you were Facebook, how else would you make sure the user is real? How else would you ensure integrity and prevent frauds which happens with e-commerce? What if FB just didn’t verify anyone’s identity and let fraud and misinformation campaigns happen? Would this be ideal?” – @wongmjane / Twitter.com

A face recognition feature could reduce the chances of having a user’s account compromised, but with the company’s history of data breaches and privacy issues, would the public actually be comfortable with this potential feature?