(Breaking) Former Houston Astros Pitcher Accuses Team Of High Tech Cheating During 2017 Season

Rumors of the Houston Astros using technology to gain an unfair advantage during their 2017 World Series season had circulated before. But now, a member of that team is on the record describing an elaborate system of stealing signs with cameras.

Mike Fiers, currently with the Oakland A’s, spent three seasons with Houston. In a recent interview with theathletic.com, Fiers described a system using a camera set up by a player and staff member that focused on the opposing catcher and fed the video to a monitor close to the dugout. Players would watch the video and use a signal of tapping on the trash can to signal to the hitter what pitch was coming.

The Astros announced that they are investigating the allegations. Major League Baseball is involved in the investigation.

Mike Friers


This isn’t the first time the Astros have been accused of using technology to steal signs. A man credentialed by Houston was removed by security for taking pictures in the dugouts of the Cleveland Indians and Boston Red Sox. Opposing players also accused the Astros of using the garbage can to relay signs.

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