Saints Admit They Studied Cowboys OC Hand Signals

The New Orleans Saints beat the Dallas Cowboys 12-10 in Week 4 of the NFL’s regular season and some old college footage may have given them the edge.

saints defense in white color rush jerseys celebrate after play with cowboys receiver on turf

David Grunfeld /

Saints players told NFL Network‘s Steve Wyche that they studied college footage of Cowboys Offensive Coordinator, Kellen Moore when he was a quarterback at Boise State and they found many similarities between the hand signals Moore used then and now.  Apparently, the discovery helped the Saints limit the Cowboys to just 10-points on offense.

“And they saw some of the hand gestures, and some of the things that (Moore) liked to do at Boise that he’s incorporated into the Cowboys’ offense,” Steve Wyche said. “And they were able to pick up some tendencies from that.”

Los Angeles Rams players claimed Dallas defenders were unknowingly tipping their hand in a playoff game between the two teams last season.

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