Runner with ‘Jesus Saves’ on Bib Collapses, Gets Saved by Man Named Jesus

Runner, Tyler Moon opted to have ‘Jesus Saves’ printed on his bib instead of his name.  Little did he know, he’d actually be saved by a man named Jesus.

man tyler moon with fiance on his back

Tyler Moon & Fiance / Steena Ann Photography

25-year old Moon was running in a 10-mile race during the Twin Cities Marathon in Minnesota when he suddenly collapsed 8-miles in.  Doctors would later discover that Moon had an irregular heartbeat, leading him to have a heart attack during the race.  43-year old Jesus Bueno, a registered nurse, was running behind Moon when he collapsed.

jesus bueno in front of us bank stadium with running bib

Jesus “Jesse” Bueno

Bueno tended to Moon, provided CPR, and called for medical assistance.  Eventually, paramedics arrived and were able to use a defibrillator to shock Moon’s heart back to a regular rhythm.

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