Payment and Rate Changes for Vermilion St. Parking Garage

Payment and rate changes for the Vermilion Street parking garage in Lafayette will go into effect Monday, October 14th, 2019.

Downtown constituents,


Parking in Downtown has become a point of frustration for many in the district. To address this, the Downtown Development Authority has worked closely with the Parking Administration of LCG to streamline parking operations at Parc Auto Du Centre-Ville (the Vermilion Street parking garage).


The Vermilion parking garage rarely exceeds half capacity and it is located conveniently in the center of Downtown. We urge those who work and play Downtown to take advantage of the largest parking asset in the district. Now it will be easier to do so with credit card payments and simplified rates.


New changes at the Vermilion garage will go into effect on Monday, October 14th. Notable changes will be as follows:


* Payment by credit/debit card will now be accepted in addition to cash.


* Parking rates will be simplified to $1/hour and a maximum charge of $5 for the entire day.


* Pre-payment is required along with a license plate number at the parking kiosk (similar to the payment system at the Rosa Parks

Transportation Center).


* Parking without payment will result in a $35 fine (fines will double after 15 days of non-payment).


There will be no changes to current monthly rates at the garage. Those interested in monthly rates can contact the LCG Parking Administration at 337-291-8562.