Natural Light Paying $10,000 For the Best ‘Real Life Nightmare’ Costume

Are you in a real life nightmare?  Natural Light is having a Halloween costume contest, and paying $10,000 for the best ‘real life nightmare’ costume.  

So what do they consider a ‘real life nightmare’? Natural Light wants people to dress as, quote, “real-life every day” fears!

One example – a woman in prison clothes, holding a ball-and-chain with “Student Loans” written on it.  Her costume is, quote, “Shackled by Student Debt.”

There’s also someone dressed as an ‘Undying Laundry Basket’ too!  I think that one is my favorite!

Here’s how you enter, follow Natural Light on Twitter or Instagram.  Then upload a photo of your costume by November 3rd, along with two hashtags:  #NattyScaries and #Contest.

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