Irish Grandpa Pranks His Family At His Own Funeral

An Irish grandpa with a ‘different’ sense of humor pre-recorded a message before he passed away to make it sound like he was trapped in his coffin.

Not only did he record it, but grandpa had it played at his funeral as the family stood around his open grave.

As you will see in the NSFW video below, bagpipes begin playing, and then his voice says, “Hello?  Hello?”  Then comes some pounding on the coffin and then he shouts, “Let me out.  Let me out, it’s [effing] dark in here.”

Grandpa keeps it up for about a minute, and then his ‘bit’ ends with a song at the end.

The video is all over the internet and social media, but it’s NSFW because of language. I repeat, it’s NSFW because of a few ‘choice’ words.

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