Dog Rescues Vet from House Fire

A Vietnam veteran from South Carolina is alive after his dog, Curly, rescued him from a house fire.

Brian Rand told Inside Edition that he set his wake-up alarm on his phone and that if he forgets to bring his phone to the bedroom, his dog will nudge him to wake him up when the alarm sounds.

“He comes in and he starts trying to wake me, poke me with his nose, so I open my eyes and think, ‘Oh the alarm must be going off,’” Rand recalled. “I picked the phone up, it’s only 12:58 AM so I said, ‘What are you doing?’”

That’s when Rand realized the house was on fire.

“I walked a little further into my living room and I could see the curtain’s on fire, so I turned the other way and went right outside and dialed 911,” he said.  “Within a couple minutes, the smoke would have been everywhere, even though the doors were closed,” Rand said. “I wouldn’t have woken up.”

The home was damaged beyond repair, but firefighters were able to save some of Rand’s military medals and memorabilia.

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