An XFL Player Has Already Quit Due to Low Pay

We see it over and over again that competing with the NFL is next to impossible.  Even the NFL’s own professional leagues to groom talent (NFL Europe) have failed after just a few seasons.  The AAF, which was also partnering with the NFL, ran out of money halfway through the season this year.

Nevertheless, the previously short-lived, WWE-backed XFL is determined on making a comeback.  The new XFL season is expected to start in February, but it’s already not going very well.  Former Tennessee Defensive End, Corey Vereen, has already quit the league after being drafted by the L.A. Wildcats just a week ago.  Vereen says he was misled about the amount of money that he would make.

Vereen’s reps said the base salary is just $27,040, which includes a two-month mini-camp.  There are per game bonuses of $1,685, which you can get if you’re active for the game.  And if your team wins, you can get a weekly ‘win bonus’ of $2,222.

Over the past few months, there was talk that the XFL’s lowest salary would be $50K.  Then, that shifted to $55K being the average salary.  But now to even approach that number, a player would have to be active for the whole 10-week season and be on a team that’s racking up a lot of wins.

Vereen also played in the AAF before it folded.  He was supposed to get $70K, but it’s unclear what he actually walked away with before the league crumbled.

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