Today is National Guacamole Day

Guacamole lovers rejoice, today is National Guacamole Day!

Wikipedia says, “Guacamole dip is traditionally made by mashing ripe avocados and sea salt with a molcajete y tejolote.  Recipes often call for lime juice, cilantro and jalapeños. Some non traditional recipes may call for sour cream, tomatoes, basil and peas.”

A new survey asked questions about guacamole, would ‘guac’ fans give up guacamole for a full year, or swim in shark-infested waters for one minute? 1 in 5 people would risk swimming with sharks! 

49% of people said they’d give up guacamole for a year, 21% said they’d swim with sharks and the remaining 30% said they weren’t sure.

How about getting free guacamole for a year? 31% of people also said they’d swim with sharks to get it.  39% of people would listen to nails on a chalkboard for 30 minutes, 36% would give up half their vacation time, and 38% would shave their heads for a year’s worth of guac.

How far would you go for guacamole?

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