NFL Admits Referees Blew Another Call Against Saints

The National Football League admitted the officiating crew blew another call against the New Orleans Saints in last night’s Monday Night football game!

The week 1 matchup against the Houston Texans was the Saints’ first game since the infamous NFC Championship ‘No Call.’

The latest referee blunder happened at the end of the first half with about fifteen seconds left on the game clock.  With forty-eight seconds left on the clock, Drew Brees connected with Michael Thomas who was tackled just short of a first down.  The Saints ran down the field and snapped the ball with twenty-eight seconds left on the clock to get the first down on a QB sneak, but the refs blew that play dead to review Thomas’ catch.

After a lengthy review, the referees ruled that Michael Thomas did get the first down.  The Saints were given an option to run ten seconds off the clock or use a timeout to stop the clock from when Thomas hit the turf.  But, the referees worked the clock with twenty-six seconds left on it, not remembering to bring the clock back to forty-two seconds.  The Black and Gold lost about fifteen seconds of game time because of the mistake, and we all know what the New Orleans Saints offense can do in that amount of time.

This was the explanation from the NFL –

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