Hurricane Dorian Now Among the Strongest Atlantic Storms Ever

As the East Coast of the United States watches and waits, slow-moving Hurricane Dorian has made landfall in The Bahamas with maximum sustained winds of 185 miles per hour. Gusts are near 220 mph.

Only Hurricane Allen in 1980 had higher maximum sustained winds at 190 mph. According to the National Hurricane Center, barometric pressure at 1 pm CDT was reported at 911 mbar. Though it is hard to imagine, ten other Atlantic storms have had lower barometric pressure:  Wilma at 882 mbar (2005), Gilbert at 888 mbar (1988), Labor Day at 892 (1935), Rita at 895 mbar in 2005, Allen at 899 mbar (1980), Camille at 900 mbar (1969), Katrina at 902 mbar (2005), Mitch (1998) and Dean (2007) at 905 mbar and Maria at 908 mbar (2017).

Hopefully the impact of landfall in the Bahamas will prevent strengthening and possibly even weaken the storm. Forecasts have Dorian skirting the coast of Florida and moving northward, but the expected northern turn has not happened as of 2 pm CDT.

Dorian 1pm CST Update September 1


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