How Long To Chill Your Alcohol? Check the ‘Chilled Drink Calculator’

Are you the type of person who needs the exact chilled temperature for your booze, or are you the type to throw your case of beer into a cooler and when it’s ‘cold enough’…’s ‘cold enough’.

A Poland physicist built a new online calculator that tells you exactly how long it takes to chill your alcohol and get it down to an optimal temperature.  It’s called the “Chilled Drink Calculator.”

The Chilled Drink Calculator, is based on Newton’s Law of Cooling.  To find the optimal temperature, you need to enter the following 5 things –

1- Enter the type of booze you’re chilling… beer, wine, or liquor.

2-The type of container it’s in…can or a glass bottle.

3-Where is the booze is stored…is it room temperature, or has it been sitting outside on a hot day.

4-How are you chilling it . . . in the fridge, freezer, or ice water.

5-How cold do you want to get it?  Then it lists optimal temperatures for different drinks.

Once you enter the data, it spits out a number.  For example, if you put a warm can of Bud Light in the fridge, it’ll take 40 minutes to hit an ideal temperature of 43 degrees.

If you are ready to get scientific with your booze just click the “Chilled Drink Calculator.”

 Oh, and it also works for water, juice, and soda.


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