Apple Wants To Make Slow Motion Selfies or ‘Slofies’, Internet says No

During their annual fall event yesterday, Apple unveiled its new iPhone 11 Pro, Apple TV Plus, Apple Arcade, 10.2 inch iPad, colorful iPhone 11 and the Apple Watch Series 5.  Many are excited about the new iPhone 11 Pro, it’s equipped with 3 cameras and smarter processing.  If you missed Apple’s announcement yesterday, watch the video below to catch up.

Apple also announced a new feature called “slofies.”  These are selfie videos in slow motion.  Cool feature?  Maybe, but many on social media aren’t digging the word “slofie.”

Just after Apple made the announcement, a tech writer named Casey Newton tweeted, quote, “Upgrading to iPhone 11 versus keeping your old phone is a real slofie’s choice.”

Here are more entertaining tweets about the ‘slofie’

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