Woman is Trying to Crowd-Fund a Butt-Lift Surgery

A woman in England is trying to crowdfund a butt-lift surgery and it’s not going well.

37-year-old Carla Bellucci of Hertfordshire, England says she needs a butt-lift for her “mental health,” but she can’t afford one.  She once got the English government to pay for a nose job by faking depression, but the government isn’t buying her story this time.  She says,

[They] definitely won’t pay for it this time.  I don’t know why, transgenders get operations left, right, and center but they will not pay for my butt lift.”

Her goal is £12 (about $7,200 USD), she’s only raised about the equivalent of $14.50 USD.  An anonymous donor commented,

Stop been a sponger and get a job

Here’s the link to her crowd-funding attempt.


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