Jude Verret, Bee Wrangler Encounters Car Full of Swarming Wasps

This may be straight out of your worst nightmare!

Louisiana bee wrangler, Jude Verett recently faced a car full of angry yellow jackets.  Verett owns Stinger Creations, a business based in Morgan City is known for beekeeping and insect removal.

This call turned out to be a little different, as Jude was asked to remove a monstrous hive of southern yellow jackets. The video below shows a car parked in someone’s yard, with the interior completely taken over by the nest.

Jude made the video with a fellow beekeeper, who’s ‘in the driver’s seat’ as the yellow jackets buzzed around.  You can tell these guys are from the Morgan City area, as Jude’s helper mentioned he was gone ‘Down the Bayou’.

The video went viral and was picked up by Inside Edition, Jude told them-

“You gotta kinda get your nerve up because with these things, when they sting you it’s the worst thing they’ve got in the United States.”  “They’re bad. It feels like you got shot. You seriously could die from them.”

Thanks to proper PPE, neither man was stung, it was just another day for Stinger Creations.

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