Getting Ready for Football Season

Are you ready for some football? The better question is, is football ready for you?

Before we begin, let’s get some scheduling out of the way, so you know when to begin cheering, cooking and calling friends/family over!

If you are a Saints fan – here’s the Saints Football Schedule

Ready for some Ragin Cajuns Football – here’s the UL Football Schedule

How about those LSU Tigers – here’s the LSU Football Schedule

There is no denying that attending a football game, especially an NFL game is worth it!  Even if you don’t like football, there is something about the atmosphere, the sights, the sounds and tailgating that excites all that attend.  There are fans that love football and there are fans that really, really love football.

The passionate fans are not shy and want the whole world to know which team they support and routinely pack the stadiums dressed in all sorts of crazy outfits!

saints fans dressed up

Some say tailgating is just an excuse to have a party where you eat and drink way too much.  Maybe. For the most part, it could be about a carnivorous buffet of fall-off-the-bone, saucy, greasy, and delicious dishes.

classic buffalo wings

Football food is usually a five-plus napkin event.  Wings top the chart as the official food of football.  They are easy to make but even easier to order.  Shhhh! (the secret to great wings is the sauce).

It is time to get your game plan together. But how far is too far for football fans? Extreme fans! Is there a line YOU would not cross?

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