Texas School District to Drug Test for All Extracurricular Activities

The Bushland Independent School District in Amarillo, Texas will soon start mandating drug tests for all students engaging in extracurricular activities in grades 7-12.

Drug testing has been a priority for many schools throughout the country for athletics, but the Bushland ISD will now apply testing to all other extracurricular activities.  The tests will scan students for alcohol, marijuana, opioids, and other illegal drugs.

“If they’re interested in athletics, if they’re interested in drama, if they’re interested in band–any of the things that we offer extracurricular, it gives them an opportunity to say NO to peer pressure and say ‘I’m not going to do that because I want to participate,” – Bushland ISD Superintendent Chris Wigington

Wigington also says they will not suspend a student for a positive test result because extracurricular activities are “privileges not rights,” and they do not want to hurt a student academically.



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