Louisiana Ranks in Top 20 Most Funnest States

Here’s a list Louisiana is not on the bottom of!  And it should be no surprise, because with all the festivals and parades, Louisianians with come up with any excuse to party and “pass a good time.”

Wallethub used 26 indicators to determine The Most Funnest States for 2019 including movie costs, access to national parks, and casinos per capita.  Louisiana’s ‘Nightlife’ ranked in at 5, but ‘Entertainment and Recreation’ was ranked at 24, dragging the overall ranking down to #16 overall.

Here are other rankings for the state:

* 28TH – Restaurants per Capita

 * 28TH – Fitness Centers per Capita

  * 12TH – Casinos per Capita

   * 25TH – Variety of Arts, Entertainment & Recreation Establishments

    * 15TH – State & Local Direct General Expenditures on Parks & Recreation

Check out the interactive map:

Source: WalletHub

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