Guys Try To Break Into a Spy Shop

When considering what business you want to burgle, you’d imagine one of the determining factors would be security systems and cameras, but not for these guys…

Police in Florida are looking for two men who attempted to break into a SPY SHOP.

That’s right, a spy shop!  Daytona Spy Shop is loaded with hidden cameras, audio recorders, GPS trackers, and other tech gadgets.  Not to mention, the guy who runs it is a Private Investigator!  Two men apparently tried to break in at 1 AM on Sunday and failed miserably.  As expected, the spy shop had security cameras and equipment installed.  The owner was also wise to use a thicker, stronger glass on the front window.  The guys tried to break that window with a hammer and were unsuccessful, despite hitting it over 50-times!

Of course, the security camera even caught their license plate.  Police are tracking them down.

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