12 Years Ago Today, The Final Episode of ‘The Sopranos’ Aired on HBO

It’s hard to believe that 12 years ago today in 2007, the final episode of ‘The Sopranos’ aired on HBO.  I still have a vivid memory of the popular (or not so popular) final scene!  That evening, I remember ‘Tivo’ing’ the episode to watch it a little later that night……my wife and I get to the end of the episode….and it fades to black.

We thought something happened to the Tivo recording, that maybe, just maybe the episode ran long and the Tivo did not record the ending.  Nope, we found out later, that’s how David Chase wanted to series to end!

Remember the scene, Tony goes to a diner to meet his family for dinner while quietly observing several ‘suspicious’ guys that we assume are hitmen.  Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ is on the jukebox as the screen fades to black as soon as Meadow runs into the diner.

Here’s the final scene – (PROFANITY WARNING)

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