Woman Vandalizes Her Neighbor’s Racy Easter Display

Wayne Gangi, a dentist in Clifton, New Jersey put up some racy Easter decorations outside his office this year.  It’s five mannequins in lingerie, wearing bunny ears, fishnet stockings, and holding Easter baskets.

Many people have been stopping to take pictures, and the city says he’s not breaking any laws.

Not everyone is enjoying the display,  a woman who lives across the street thinks it’s ‘disgusting.’  On Tuesday, she started tearing down the display, while a local reporter was there doing a story on it.

Wayne’s neighbor  is Desiree Mozek.  Mozek showed up with scissors and started cutting the mannequins down.  Then she dismantled them in Wayne’s driveway, and removed their heads.

A reporter warned her that she could get arrested or fined for destroying someone else’s property, but she said it was worth it.

It’s not clear if Mr. Gangi is pressing charges or not, but he told the reporter he was heading to City Hall to take care of it, and the decorations would definitely be going back up.

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