Guy with $8 Million Private Island Caught Stealing from Kmart

 A rich guy in Florida who paid $8 million for a private island last month just got arrested . . . for stealing $300 worth of stuff from Kmart.

cod mugshot 4-10

Monroe County Sheriff’s Office


59-year-old Andrew Lippi lives in the Florida Keys, and he’s filthy rich.  Late last month, he bought a private island with a huge estate for $8 million.  And he also owns a 12-bedroom mansion that was used for the 17th season of “The Real World” in 2006.

But even though he obviously has plenty of money, he got arrested on Saturday . . . for trying to steal $300 worth of stuff from KMART.

Apparently he needed stuff for his new mansion.  Because right after he closed on it last month, he bought two new coffeemakers . . . eight light bulbs . . . and a bed skirt at Kmart.  Then police say he put other stuff in the boxes and tried to return them.

The box for the bed skirt had a pillowcase in it . . . he replaced the light bulbs with other bulbs . . . and put a basketball in a Keurig coffeemaker box.

Andrew claims he didn’t do it, and someone else must have switched out the products.  He’s facing a felony grand theft charge, and he’s due in court next week.


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