Falcons Take Shot at Saints With Game Of Thrones Type Video

All 32 NFL Teams released their 2019 schedule yesterday.  Some teams were real creative getting the word out…hence, the Atlanta Falcons. The ‘dirty birds’ produced a ‘Game of Thrones’ inspired video to release their schedule!

As you will see in the video below, the Falcons highlight each game in their schedule with computer graphics of each teams’ mascot and the stadium where the game will take place.

Atlanta decided to to something a little different for the Saints though, they threw a few jabs!

When promoting the Week 10 matchup, the Falcons replaced the Saints’ logo with a huge “X.”  They also showed the “Saints” billboard outside of the Dome, but instead of spelling it correctly, they dropped the “S.” It reads “AINTS.”

But what’s considered the biggest offense, is the promotion for the Thanksgiving game. You will notice a Ram charges through a New Orleans second line and knocks over a saxophone player. A referee then runs in and gives the signal for no foul — a clear shot at the NFC Championship game!

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