What’s Your “Good Side” When Posing For a Photo

When taking a photo, do you make sure that you are using your “good side”?  Is your “good side” the left or right?

A recent survey found we’re slightly more likely to prefer our left side, 16% said their left side is their better side, while 13% said their right side, 14% said they look best straight on.  Everyone else who took part in the survey either said they don’t have a good side, or they weren’t sure.

A recent poll asked more than 1,500 people, what’s their best side?

  • 16% of people said their left side is their good side
  • 13% said their right side
  • 14% said they look better straight on

41% of people in the survey said they don’t think they have a good or bad side, 16% said they weren’t sure.

The data also found that women were a little more likely than men to say the right side of their face is their better side.  men were more likely to say they look best straight on.

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