Hot Air Balloon Thief Busted

A Hot Air Balloon Thief Is Busted . . . Flying the Stolen Balloon at a Hot Air Balloon Festival

hot air balloon

Bloomington Police Department


Hot air balloon theft is a pretty UNCOMMON crime and this is why.  Those balloons have distinct patterns on them.  And they’re huge.  So when you fly your stolen balloon, you REALLY give yourself away.

Someone stole a $30,000 hot air balloon from a guy in Bloomington, Indiana earlier this year.  And the thief was just busted after flying it at a hot air balloon festival.

The festival was in Florida, and the cops there got a tip from the police in Indiana to keep their eyes out for the balloon.  They also sent over a photo of what it looks like. So the cops in Florida scoured the festival and spotted it.

The owner of the balloon decided not to press charges against the thief, he just wanted his balloon back.  And a tow company is going to drive it back to Indiana for him.


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