Gin Made With Elephant Poop

Bringing an all new meaning to “Dirty Martini,” a South African company is selling gin infused with elephant dung.

indlovu gin logo


People are flocking to buy Ibhu Indlovu Gin because it is infused with elephant dung. The South African company collects the dung before drying it, crumbling it and then sterilizing it for their drink. The gin has different tastes because of where the dung is collected and what season it is collected in.

indlovu gin with shot

The company claims,

There is a definite flavour from the dung. It gives it a very earthy, citrusy flavour. Because the elephants have such a wonderful, varied diet. They eat the fruits and the barks and all this is mixed in and infused into the gin and gives it a wonderful flavor.”

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