What Would You Give Up To Never Be Sick Again

It’s just about here, cold-and-flu season! A new survey found the average American gets sick about four times a year.

About 2,000 people were asked the question, what would you be willing to give up if it meant you would never get another cold for the rest of your life. 


The Results-

1. Would you give up social media? 29% said YES

2. Would you give up caffeine? Again, 29% said YES

3. Would you give up sex? 21% said YES

4. Would you give up TV and movies? 18% said YES

5. Would you give up all of your vacation time going forward? 17% said YES

The survey also found the top ways we make ourselves more comfortable when we’re sick-

  • taking more naps

  • wearing comfier clothes, or pajamas

  • using extra blankets

  • watching more TV

  • eating whatever we want

The top things we do to avoid getting sick are wash our hands more often, take vitamins or supplements  and get more sleep.

Do you believe this?? 45% of people say they get “needy” when they’re sick. 1/3 of us admit to exaggerating our symptoms just to get more sympathy.

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