Guy Goes To Court To Fight Cell Phone/Hash Brown Dispute

Jason Stiber from Westport, Connecticut, says he’s, quote, “going to trial for justice.”  On April 11th, around 6:00 A.M., Jason was pulled over for distracted driving.  The officer said he saw Jason talking on a phone, and gave him a $300 ticket.  Jason denies the allegation and says he wasn’t talking on the phone, he was eating a hash brown from McDonald’s.


Jason has some evidence backing it up:  His call log shows he wasn’t on the phone , and his car has Bluetooth, so he wouldn’t need to holdhis phone to make calls.

In spite of Jason’s argument, a judge still found him guilty when he tried to fight the ticket in August.

He requested a re-trial, which will happen next month.  This time, Jason hired a lawyer for $1,000 , which is about the same amount his car insurance went up because of the ticket.

Here’s the entire story from Times Union.  What do you think about this one? Comment Below!

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