The List of Tasks Parents Deal with Before They Go to Work

A new study from Metro looked at what it takes to have kids and a full-time job!  The study found the average working parent does up to 43 tasks before their workday even begins.

The average parent in the study said they get up at 6:01 AM to make sure that everything’s done, and feel like they’ve already put in a full day by 11:00 AM.

mom helping kid get dressed


I think most of us can relate to these tasks–

Take a shower, brush your teeth, get your kids to brush their teeth, get yourself dressed, get them dressed, make-up or shave, make the beds, make coffee, breakfast, feed the kids breakfast…

Homework check,  check the headlines and weather, check your email, check social media, pack your lunch, pack the kids lunch..

Does this all sound familiar?  That’s just some of the tasks…there are many more!  43 according to the study!

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