Yoda Was Originally To Be Named “Buffy”

In a book about the making of the “Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back” author J.W. Rinzler reveals 10 facts about “Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back” that may shock you.

Book Cover The Making of The Empire Strikes Back

  1. Who could forget the scene where it is reveled that Darth Vader is Luke’s father? Well in an earlier draft of the story Luke’s father was not Vader. In the earlier draft Luke meets his father and is initiated into the Jedi Order by his father who has also been training Luke’s sister who is not Leia.

  2. This would allow the Luke-Leia-Hans love triangle to be more because Leia wasn’t his sister.

  3. Luke’s journey was more complicated in earlier drafts and Hans was more antagonistic towards Luke becoming a Jedi.

  4. Lando’s original home was the ice planet of Hoth instead of the Cloud City on Bespin. He was also a clone warrior.

  5. Actor Mark Hamill was involved in a car accident in 1977 and George Lucas was originally going to have Luke sustain a facial injury that would have to have a reconstructed face.

  6. Darth Vader was going to have a castle a real evil fortress.

  7. The studio where Empire was filmed was the same studio that “The Shining” was filmed and after a fire damaged some of the Shining’s set Producer Stanley Kubrick tried to kill Empire and take over their studio space.

  8. Before Frank Oz was enlisted to be Yoda, it was thought that a monkey with a mask could play Yoda.

  9. Miss Piggy made a cameo appearance in one of Yoda’s first scenes in rehearsal.

  10. This one completely blows my mind Yoda could have been named “Buffy.”

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