EZ Beezy Sometimes Cheesy BIG Morning Show Contest

6/28/2018 Congratulations to Christy Delcambre of Duson… winner of free Subway for knowing that America’s favorite jelly flavor is GRAPE!

6/27/2018 Congratulations to Dwayne Fulton from Crowley… he knew the crime fighting dog with SD on his collar is Scooby-Doo, and won free food from Subway.

6/26/2018 Congratulations to Vicki Rogers of Lafayette… she won Free Subway for knowing that Ulysses S Grant is on the US $50.00.

6/25/2018 Congratulations to Rod Breaux of Iota. He won delicious Subway because he knows the # of holes in a round of Golf is 18!

6/22/2018 Congratulations to Brad Rathburn from Lafayette. He won free Subway for knowing the fictional home city of Batman is Gotham.

6/21/2018 Congratulations to Monique Guidry from Scott. She won free food from Subway for knowing that 6/21 is the First Day of Summer!!

6/20/2018 Congratulations to Jeanne from Broussard for winning free Subway. She knows that there are SEVEN colors in the rainbow.

6/19/2018 Congratulations to Shannon Jagneaux from Lafayette. He won free food from Subway for knowing the Aloha State is Hawaii!

6/18/2018 Congratulations to Lorea Williams from Rayne. She won Subway for knowing the other word for a hurricane in the Pacific is Typhoon.

6/15/2018 Congratulations to Brandi Maturin from Iota. She shared one of her fondest memories of her dad having a food fight, throwing grapes inside the house, and won free food from Subway.

6/14/2018 Congratulations to Steve Hebert from Eunice. He shared his best Dad memory and won delicious food from Subway on Big 1021.1!

6/13/2018 Congratulations to Kristen Flor from Youngsville. She did her best impersonation of her Dad, in celebration of Dad’s week on Big 102.1!

 6/12/2018 Congratulations to Gus Hernandez from Youngsville! He shared that, as a dad, the thing his girls like most about him, is his silly personality.
6/11/2018 Congratulations to Stacey Latiolais from Church Point! She knew the most recent winner of Horse Racing’s Triple Crown is Justify!
6/8/2018 Congratulations to Stephen Cruthirds of Lafayette. He’s sharing Free Subway with his best friend Tim, to celebrate National Best Friends Day!
6/7/2018 Congratulations to Anna Smith of Rayne.  She’s going to Subway, she knew that the Louisiana State Bird is the Brown Pelican.
6/6/2018 Congratulations to Alicia Leger of Crowley.  She won Free Food from Subway, because she knew that a Pollywog is a Tadpole!
6/5/2018 Congratulations to Bertha Savant of Oberlin. When asked for 3 ways to order a steak, she answered “Well-done, Rare and Medium Rare” and she won Free food from Subway.
6/4/2018 Congratulations to Jennifer Crochet from New Iberia, in celebration of National Cheese Day, she quickly named 3 types of cheese: “Asiago, Monterrey Jack and Colby Cheddar” to win from Subway!