Richard J. Catalon Creole Heritage Award

 Vermilionville is now accepting nominees for the Richard J. Catalon Sr. Creole Heritage Award. This prestigious award was established in 2004 honoring one of the museum’s first artisan interpreters, Richard J. Catalon, Sr. Shortly after retirement Mr. Catalon become engaged in his “dream job” at Vermilionville, which created opportunities for him to share his life experiences as a Creole. For over ten years, Mr. Catalon worked in the Mouton House and regaled visitors from around the world with Creole history, often in his native French Creole language. He was known to visit local schools to promote understanding of Creole history, culture, and traditions, and to encourage the rediscovery Creole language.

The public can enjoy a FREE FESTIVAL at Vermilionville for the 22nd annual Créole Culture Celebration on Sunday June 9, 2024, 10 AM – 4 PM.

Every year, Vermilionville celebrates the cultures of Acadiana that contributed so much to our unique folklife. Come back to Vermilionville in June for the return of our Créole Culture Day event!  On this day we recognize and honor our region’s Créole heritage. So much of our food, traditions, and music comes to our region from the Créole culture, and on this day we both demonstrate and celebrate its many contributions to our contemporary folklife. Join us for our 2024 Créole Culture Day, Sunday, June 9!

Richard J. Catalon nomination.