DJ Moon Q&A



What do you love about music? And what you do?

Music is powerful, it can bring people together, lift people up, make people want to move.  I love to make people dance.  It’s what got me into dance music and why I still love it so much.

In what clubs did or do you spin the most/longest?

Club410, The Level.

What type of events and gigs are you currently doing?

I play clubs, raves, festivals, bars, even weddings! I’ve DJ’d on top of a mountain. There’s not much I haven’t done!

How different is mixing on The Saturday Night BIG Mix on Big 102.1, than live at a Club or event?

I like playing the BIG Mix because I can tell a story with it more so than at most events.

Do you come up with a theme, or do

I have a standard I follow. I will usually start off with more familiar and slower tempo music and work my way through to the late 90s/early 2000s.

Who is your all-time favorite musical performer? 

Depeche Mode.  I have seen them play live 3 times.

When you are creating your mix for Saturday Night, how do you make it special for someone just tuning in to Big 102.1

I just try to put a lot of heart and soul into it. I think people can tell we love the music with what we spin.

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What are some of your accomplishments with DJing/Music?

I have had the honor to remix some big names in dance music: Groove Armada, DJ Dan & Jim Hopkins (The Electronliners), Delerium, and Newcleus to name a few.