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6/1/18 Pat Menard of Basile knew that Singapore’s High Flyer Ferris Wheel is currently the tallest in the world. China and London have the 2nd & 3rd largest… Dubai is building one now that will be bigger! (NatGeo News)

5/31/18 Burton Broussard from Kaplan knew that the last uncontacted people on earth are on North Sentinal Island in India. China and Chile were next according to

5/30/18 Pierre Albarado of Rayne knew that according to an FBI profiler in Business Insider Magazine that the best way to know that someone is lying is uncomfortable staring, followed by looking off to the left or right, then hiding their mouth or face.

5/29/18 Goldie Mullins of New Iberia knew that the most popular side character of the Austin Powers franchise is Dr.Evil, then Mr.Bigglesworth and Mini-Me. (

5/25/18 Mike Foreman from Sunset knew that the Carnival Game that is toughest to win, is the Milk Jug Pyramid… next are The Basketball Shoot and The Balloon Dart Throw. (AARP Bulletin)

5/24/18 Sarah Mulligan of Lafayette knew that Caramel Apple is the most popular State Fair food, followed by Belgian Waffle and a tie for 3rd between Corn Dogs and Cotton Candy. (ABC News)

5/23/18 Betsy Hackett of Lafayette knew that the #1 thing kids aged 8-14 wish they could do, that adults get to do is DRIVE, then; not go to school and stay up all night. (Source:Psychology Today)

5/22/18 Mark Guilliotte of Lafayette knew that, according to National Geographic, the Naked Mole Rat is the ugliest animal in the world. The Blobfish and Star nosed mole are next ugliest.

5/21/18 Kaye Richard of Scott knew that according to, the Louisiana city with the largest public High School at the beginning of 2018, was Lafayette High School, followed by West Monroe H.S. then Shreveport’s  C. E. Byrd High.

5/18/18 Gary Latiolais of Breaux Bridge knew that according to, America’s favorite snack “of all time” is Doritos, followed by OREO,then Pringles.

5/17/18 Stacey Latiolais of Church Point knew that of 10,000 people from 21-55, the biggest DREAM JOB that they wish they could have had was Music Star, then Actor/Actress, and Pro Athlete. (Source: Woman’s Day Magazine)

5/16/18 Frankie Mulligan from Lafayette knew that Pantene is the best selling Hair Shampoo then Garnier, then Herbal Essence. Source: Matrix Research Group.

5/15/18 Nelson Hicks from Opelousas knew that the top selling tire brand worldwide is Michelin, followed by BF Goodrich and Bridgestone. Source: Car and Driver Magazine

5/14/18 Christina Racca from New Iberia knew that the TOP thing a woman carries in her purse is her Cell Phone, next are Make-Up and Gum, according to

5/11/18 Tori Hicks from Lafayette knew that, according to, international tourists at JFK airport said that New York had the rudest people, followed by Massachusetts and New Jersey.

5/10/18 Tracy Shockley of Lafayette knew that Vanilla Mint is the most popular flavor for Lip Balm, and according to Mademoiselle Magazine, Summer Fruit and Coconut were 2nd and 3rd.

5/09/18 Steve Hebert of Eunice knew that on the most popular Men’s cologne is Aqua Di Gio by Armani. Second and third are Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier and 1 Million by Paco Rabanne.

5/08/18 Alissa Harris of Eunice knew that JAPAN has the healthiest food in the world. India and Thailand are second and third respectively. (source:

5/07/18 Shannon Jagneaux of Lafayette knew that according to Haagen-Daz corporation- Caramel Cone is the most popular/best selling flavor, followed by Green Tea and Dulce de Leche.

5/04/18 Carol Duhon of Youngsville knew that according to Pediatrics Today, Teenagers  are the most annoyed when parents enforce NO SOCIAL MEDIA, next was treating younger kids better and then, making them go to school when they don’t feel well.

5/03/18 Kristin Flor of Youngsville knew that the most ticklish place on the human body is the feet, then the under arms and stomach/sides. (source: NIH)

5/02/18 Tammy Pitre of Port Barre knew that according to the top phobia suffered in the USA is Arachnophobia (spiders) followed by fear of heights and of the dark.

5/01/18 Chris Guidry of Maurice knew that the most recognizable company logo in the world is NIKE, then Coca Cola & Ford. (source:

4/30/18 Carl Bolden of Abbeville knew that in 2018, according to Woman’s Day Magazine, the #1 New Years Resolution was to become Stress Free; losing weight and quitting smoking were next.

4/27/18 Jonathon Bertrand from New Iberia knew that the World’s Tallest Building is in United Arab Emirates; China and Saudi Arabia have the 2nd & 3rd tallest according to Travel & Leisure Magazine.

4/26/18 Celeste LaCaze of Ville Platte knew that the most popular flavor of Pop Tarts is Frosted Brown Sugar Cinnamon, next is S’mores and Cookies & Cream according to Kelloggs corporation.

4/25/18 Leah Hollier of Ville Platte knew that according to National Geographic TEA is the most consumed drink in the world; coffee and cola are 2nd and 3rd. (According to Chris BEER is 1st.)

4/24/18 Jimmy Pigron of Kaplan knew that according to Forbes, the most popular job for American Teenage girls is retail sales, followed by babysitting and tutor/lifeguard(tie).

4/23/18 Anna Smith of Rayne knew that according to Forbes, the most popular job for American Teenage boys is food service, followed by retail sales and landscaping assistant.

4/20/18 Stephen Cruthirds of Lafayette correctly guessed that the most popular balloon color is BLACK according to Balloon Saloon, white and metallic colors are 2nd and 3rd.

4/19/18 Henrietta Jones of Lafayette knew that according to National Geographic, the strongest land animal is the Tiger, next are Elephants and Lions.

4/18/18 Juan Echeverria of Lafayette knew that according to the country that was voted to have the worst food in the world was the United Kingdom, followed by the USA and Russia

4/17/18 Cindy Soileau of Maurice knew that Emma Stone was the highest paid Hollywood actress in 2017, followed by Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lawrence.

4/16/18 Dwayne Fulton of Crowley knew that Mark Wahlberg was the highest paid Hollywood actor in 2017, followed by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Vin Diesel.

4/13/18 FRIDAY!! Henry Perrodin of Rayne knew that according to, The Exorcist was the scariest movie ever, followed by The Shining and Nightmare on Elm Street.

4/12/18 Frankie Mulligan of Lafayette knows that according to the Mosquito is the most hated insect in the world (not just in Louisiana!) The Cock Roach and Wasp are next.

4/11/18 Jeff Garrett of Iowa knows that of all the dirty jobs, Garbage Collector is the dirtiest according to, followed by Gastroenterologist and Dairy Farmhand. Ewwwww

4/10/18 Angel Boone of Breaux Bridge knows that Yellow is the least liked/used color in the world according to Color Therapy. Orange and Gray are second and third.

4/9/18 Philip Guidry of Youngsville knows that according to House & Garden the most used Colors in the world are in order are Blue, Red and Green.

4/6/18 Bonnie Meaux of New Iberia knows not to eat the Nightshade!! According to Caloriebee, they along with Moonseed and the White Bane Berry are the 3 most poisonous berries in the USA.

4/5/18 Sherry Guidry of Carencro knows that the country that provides a majority of coffee to the world’s coffee drinkers is Brazil, followed by Vietnam and Colombia.

4/4/18 Richard Broussard of New Iberia knew that the band U2 has the most Grammy Awards, followed by Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band and Paul McCartney with the Beatles and Wings.

4/3/18 Thad Broussard of Erath knows that according to a new survey of  Americans, the top 3 comfort foods are in order: Pizza, Burgers, Fried Chicken.

4/2/18 Carol Duhon of Youngsville knew that according to Penguins are the most popular animal at the zoo, followed by the Giraffe and the Lion.

3/29/18 Tony Olinger of Rayne knew that the Chicago Cubs is the Major League Baseball Team that has played the most games at 21,222 (end of 2017 season) followed by the Braves & Cardinals.

3/28/18 Lee Leger of Lafayette knew that the oldest known tattoo was found on an Egyptian Mummy from 5000 years ago.

3/27/18 Amy Smith of Lake Charles got a tough one- the poorest ever US President was Humble Harry S. Truman, followed by William McKinley and Ulysses S. Grant.

3/26/18 Steve Hebert of Eunice knew that Bangkok, Thailand is the most popular vacation destination in the world, over London and Paris. (Business Insider)

3/23/18 Mariah Aucoin of Lafayette knows that Sophia is the most popular girl name in the world followed by Olivia and Ava. (Mom Junction)

3/22/18 Tammy Hunt of Reeves knew that according to Business Insider, NYC is the top vacation spot in the USA followed by Maui/Honolulu, Hawaii and Vegas, baby!

3/21/18 Connie Harrington of Erath knew the most popular truck of the 90’s was the ’92 GMC Syclone; the ’99 Ford SVT F 150 and the ’94 Dodge Ram rounded the top 3. (

3/20/18 Penny Leger of Lake Charles knew that according to Southern Living, the most popular candle scent in the south is Jasmine, followed by Gardenia and Wisteria.

3/19/18 Kristin Boren of Broussard knows that according to Time Magazine, Cadbury came before Nestle and Hershey, as we celebrate American Chocolate week.

3/16/18 Tony Nab of Scott knew that according to Live Science, Freshwater Fish are the most popular pets in the USA, over cats and dogs.

3/15/18 Bertha Savant of Oberlin correctly guessed that the most popular tennis shoes worldwide Summer ’17 were Nike Vapor Max, followed by Adidas NMD and Gucci Ace Sneaker.

3/14/18 Rachel Dronet of Lafayette (and her daughter…) knew that Madagascar, in addition to being a fun movie, is the largest Island Nation. New Zealand and Guam are 2nd and 3rd respectively.

3/13/18 Mark Stutes of Crowley got it right… he knew the most popular color for painting a house in the USA is Grey… followed by Dark Green and Red.

3/12/18 Ricky Quibodeaux of Bosco doesn’t use them, but knew that the most popular essential oil is Eucalyptus, followed by Frankincense and Lavender.

3/9/18 Frankie Mulligan of Lafayette knew that the most consumed fish in the US is TUNA! (It’s also one of Acadiana’s most lovable radio personalities.) In order: Tuna, Salmon and Tilapia.

3/8/18 Marie Aucoin of Lafayette knew that, according to Martha Stewart Living, Apple Pie is the favorite pie in America… btw- Chocolate Cream and Key Lime are 2nd & 3rd respectively.

3/7/18 Kristin Flor of Youngsville made a Wild guess on the Villanova Wildcats as the NCAA Basketball team with the highest current winning percentage and won the Big Brain Drain.

3/6/18  Holly Dewees of Elton won the Big Brain Drain- she knew that Grand Forks, ND was actually the COLDEST US city… colder than Fargo and Williston, ND.

3/5/18  Congratulations to Sandy LaGrange of Lafayette- Our First Big Brain Drain winner… Which of these is the Hottest US City: Brownsville, TX, Phoenix, AZ or Las Vegas, NV?

Phoenix has the most days over 90.