Aaron’s Q&A

What do you love about music?

The emotions in certain songs.  It’s really that music and lyrics can make you feel so much.  I love the way music can make you happy, sad, thankful, want to party.  It can do everything.

What do you like about being on the radio?

Getting to share my love of music with everyone! I can feel you turning on the radio.  It’s almost like I can see you.  I can certainly feel it.  And thank you, by the way.

Being on the air at Big 102.1 is a different kind of job.  What’s it like to have such an unusual job where you play music at work?

I’ve been in radio, and DJing for events, since I was 15. So I never really had a “regular” job…the is the only life I’ve known LOL!  When you join me on the radio, it means a lot to me.

Who is your all-time favorite singer?

Man, that’s tough. There’s so many. Depends on what kind of music we are talking about.  I know you remember iPods and playlists. We can all say, “This is my favorite music.”  But….I think everyone likes a variety of music.  I know I do.  I can’t be held to just one kind of music.  So, I’m going to say I like all good music.  How’s that for a good answer?

What do you think makes being on the air in Lafayette so different than any other part of the state?

Oh, I don’t think it is different.  It IS different.  Definitely our heritage! We still embrace the joie de vive, and sharing music and our fun culture with everyone makes me so happy! It’s the same if I was in your car, but I have a bigger playlist on Big 102.1!  Come on along!  We’re gonna’ have fun.

Big 102.1 makes a big deal out of playing such a rich variety of superstar artists and different kinds of songs, how do you feel about playing so much music on the air in Lafayette?

I love it! I came up in the era where we listened to everything…rock, rap, dance, country. I was never pigeonholed into one style, so I love being able to cross types of music on the radio. Just imagine loving music and then they tell you that you can play ALL OF THIS. It makes me feel great just to be on the air!

When you are on the air, how do you make it special for someone just tuning in to Big 102.1?

I try to make sure I’m talking to one person, not just spewing info into the air. When someone listens to Big 102.1, I want them to feel like we’re great friends just having a conversation because we’re part of something special here in Lafayette.  It’s more than just listening to the radio.  This is a local thing.