Carnival Cruise Line is Removing On Board Libraries


Carnival Cruise Line is phasing out libraries from its ships, both with new builds not having a library venue and with older ships renovating the spaces into different uses during dry dock operations. This trend indicates a shift in the onboard vibe, with guests noticing that some older Carnival ships are having their libraries removed and replaced with other features such as additional bars or annexes to adjacent spaces. The libraries were often a small, quiet space with classic wood decor and cozy seating, with small tables for board games or cards to be played. Now, areas formerly used for ships’ libraries are being renovated for additional bars, coffee shops, smoke-free casino rooms, live music setups, or other venues that draw more attention than sedate, quiet space. Reactions have been mixed about the loss of libraries onboard, with some guests lamenting no longer having a quiet, peaceful, dedicated space for reading or games. However, there are still many quiet spaces to be found on the largest, newest, most popular cruise ships, such as seating nooks near the main atrium, seating alongside interior promenades, small lounges and music venues, and adults-only areas.

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