‘Multitasking Momma’ Grabs Foul Ball With One-Handed Catch While Holding Her Baby

The most impressive baseball play of the week wasn’t made by a player, but by a fan.


During Wednesday’s Cubs-Padres game, a San Diego fan managed to snag a foul ball with an impressive one-handed grab – while holding her baby in her other arm.



That mom is Lexy Whitmore and the child is her 3-month-old son Maverick.  She says the catch is just

“a little glimpse into all of the multitasking mommas out there”.


Lexi also wasn’t trying to hear any critics who suggested that Maverick was in danger:

“All I have to say is that us moms, we know where our kids are… if anything, I was keeping him kind of out of danger by catching it”.



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