Cracker Barrel Server Amazes Customers with “Happy Birthday” Performance

Cracker Barrel Server Miranda recently amazed customers when she sang “Happy Birthday” for one of the guests.


The video was shared on Tiktok and then went viral with Cracker Barrel ultimately posting it on their Facebook page with the message:

“We always want to make you feel cared for when you visit. Way to go Miranda, who brought the house down with that performance!”

The lucky guest was Jared Gravatt who told FaithPot that it wasn’t actually his birthday, but his dad wanted to ’embarrass him.

““My dad likes to embarrass me and told the waitress that it was my birthday she said she would have someone sing happy birthday to me,” Gravatt said. All of a sudden, Miranda came up to our table and started singing, I was blown away,” he continued. “I think everyone was in shock. Her voice is incredible! She put on a show and gave it her all!”




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