Burger King is Debuting Another Popeyes-Inspired Sandwich

When Popeyes released its new chicken sandwich in August of 2019, consumers began touting the sandwich as the best, prompting Chick-fil-A to tweet about its sandwich being the original, which ultimately sparked the “Chicken Sandwich Wars.”


The online debate almost entirely centered around the two restaurants and which one had the best chicken sandwich causing many other restaurants to re-evaluate their offering.  KFC, McDonald’s, and now Burger King have all changed their chicken sandwiches… and they’re all a copy of the Popeyes version.


Coming nearly 2-years after the Popeyes release, Burger King is debuting its new chicken sandwich on June 3, 2021.

Burger King new Ch'King sandwich

The Ch’King features a chicken breast with a Popeyes-like crust, pickles, and a potato bun.  There will also be a spicy version of the sandwich… you guessed it, just like Popeyes.


If you order the Ch’King on the BK app or website, it will also come with one free Whopper while the promotion lasts.



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