Intruder Filmed During TikTok Video Now in ICE Custody

The alleged intruder that appeared in a viral TikTok video has been arrested and is now in ICE custody.


According to TMZ, a woman was recording a TikTok video when a man entered her apartment and asked if he was her friend.  The alleged intruder, Angel Moises Rodriquez-Gomez was arrested on 2 counts of burglary, second-degree assault, stalking, and malicious destruction of property.  Rodriguez-Gomez was released on bond and currently lives in the same apartment complex as the woman.  Because of the circumstances, the company managing the apartments is allowing her to break her lease with no penalties.


ICE has reported to TMZ that Rodriguez-Gomez was arrested by immigration officials after he was released on bond because he’s an unlawfully present Mexican national.  He was served with a notice to appear for immigration proceedings.



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