Beverly Hills Will Lock Down Rodeo Drive on Election Day

Officials in Beverly Hills plan to lock down Rodeo Drive on Election Day in fear that the results may anger people.



While Deadline has highlighted pro-Trump rallies over the past few weeks, including using a picture of one of the rallies as the feature image of its report, local outlet CBS Los Angeles details that the lockdown is actually in response to the George Floyd-inspired protests and riots that occurred in Beverly Hills over the summer.

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“That was a scary time,” Todd Johnson, president of the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce, said.  “If people want to come and voice their opinion, their amendment right, absolutely we’re not gonna hold that back from them,” Johnson said. “But anyone that’s gonna get unruly, if someone tries to do that now, we’ll they’re not even gonna be able to get on Rodeo Drive.”


Beverly Hills was one of multiple Southland cities that dealt with violence, looting, and vandalism in late May and early June.  Many businesses were ransacked and destroyed, forcing L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti to call in the National Guard and institute a curfew for several days.


The ‘hard closure’ will close Rodeo Drive to both drivers and pedestrians on November 3rd and possibly November 4th.  Beverly Hills Assistant Chief of Police Marc Coopwood says the plan could change depending on what information the city receives.

“Everything that I say is subject to change, because a lot of what we’re doing with our deployments are intelligence-driven,” he said. “We are planning for the worst, and we can de-escalate from there.”



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