Tree Falls on Woman’s House During Hurricane and She Got Trapped and Stung by Bees

Here’s a crazy story from when Hurricane Sally hit Alabama!


According to FOX10 in Alabama, Rosetta Kimbrough was riding out the hurricane when a tree fell on her house.  Kimbrough said she had just fallen asleep for maybe 20 minutes before she heard a loud noise and seen a tree branch in her room.


The tree caused boards to fall on her chest and legs, trapping her… then that’s when the bees came!  Apparently, the tree that crashed through Kimbrough’s roof was full of bees.

“I was stung at least 15 to 20 times by bees,” she said. “Also, there were bugs in the tree, and they were getting in my ears, and I was trying to swat ’em and kill them with my hands.”


Kimbrough managed to escape serious injury, surviving with just bee stings and a concussion.


FOX10 has the whole story:




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