Help Control the Mosquito Population

Warmer temperatures and standing water can contribute to a higher mosquito population this summer.  Lafayette Consolidated Government is doing its part to control the mosquito population and asks residents to help do the same.


LCG contracts with Mosquito Control Services which traps mosquitoes throughout the parish. A high mosquito count and the type of mosquito are taken into consideration to determine where and how often to spray. Residents noticing an unusual number of mosquitoes can call 337-593-0123 to request service.


Ways to control mosquitoes around the home:


Mosquitoes are attracted to and breed in standing water. Eliminating water sources is the best way to decrease the population.


Likely places around the home that hold standing water

  • Flowerpot saucers

  • Open garbage cans

  • Clogged gutters

  • Buckets

  • Toys left outside

  • Old tires

  • Kid pools: cover with a fitted pool cover, empty often and refill with fresh water.

  • Birdbaths: empty often and refill with fresh water.


    Yard debris also attracts mosquitoes. Cut tall grass and haul clippings and raked leaves to the curb for pick up.

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