Walking and Biking Safety

In light of the public health restrictions implemented to control the spread of the
Covid-19 virus, Acadiana residents have turned to the streets to fulfill their physical activity needs. The community has experienced significant increases in bicycling and walking since gyms, playgrounds, and other recreational facilities are closed and children’s sports leagues have suspended operations.


The Acadiana Regional Transportation Safety Coalition is excited to see more Acadiana residents utilize action transportation as a form of family exercise time, but the Coalition would like to remind the community to achieve their goals in a safe manner.


“Bicyclist and pedestrian crashes comprise 15% of the fatal crashes in Acadiana in a given year, and these crashes are only growing,” said Ron Czajkowski, Regional Safety Coordinator for the Coalition. “We would like remind residents to always ride with traffic in bike lanes and to walk along side of the road, not in the travel lane. We would also like to ask motorists to please watch for kids and adults on bikes and walkers, especially when making a right or left turn.”

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