Natchez Woman Arrested After Allegedly Lying About Coronavirus

Natchitoches Police say a Natchez woman has been arrested for criminal mischief after lying about her exposure to the coronavirus.


According to police, 24-year-old Elisha Johnson lied about being exposed to the coronavirus as an attempt to get an excuse to stay home from work.  Police say Johnson told health care providers at Natchitoches Regional Medical Center that she was exposed to the virus by two of her co-workers that tested positive and asked for a 30-day excuse note.  The healthcare providers instructed her of the CDC’s self-quarantine guidelines.


Days later, Johnson returned to the hospital to be tested for the coronavirus but allegedly told health care providers that she was not exposed to anyone with the virus.


According to police, Johnson’s doctor and several healthcare workers were placed under quarantine and were unable to help any other patients because of her false claim.  Johnson was arrested and charged with criminal mischief.


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