Insulin Pumps Recalled Due to Incorrect Dosing

The FDA has issued a recall for Medtronic’s Mini-Med 600 series insulin pumps due to incorrect dosing.

According to the FDA, the pump’s retainer ring doesn’t lock in the insulin cartridges properly and could deliver an incorrect dose.  One patient has died and thousands have been injured by the device.

Recalled Product

  • MiniMed 600 Series Insulin Pumps

    • Model 630G (MMT-1715) – all lots before October 2019

    • Model 670G (MMT-1780) – all lots before August 2019

  • Distribution Dates:

    • Model 630G – September 2016 to October 2019

    • Model 670G – June 2017 to August 2019

  • Devices Recalled in the U.S.: 322,005

  • Date Initiated by Firm: November 21, 2019


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