(VIDEO) Michigan Man Finds Over $43,000 In Thrift Store Sofa, Returns Every Penny

Howard Kirby likes to shop at thrift stores. He recently bought an ottoman at a Habitat for Humanity store in Owosso, Michigan for his “man cave”. What happened next is unbelievable. But it’s true.

Kirby said he always wondered what he would do if he was in a situation like this.

Kirby’s daughter discovered over $43,000 when she opened up a cushion that was uncomfortable. Without hesitation, Kirby contacted the store to reunite the former owner of the sofa with the cash.

Kim Fauth-Newbury donated the sofa. It had belonged to her grandfather, who died last year.

“It’s just crazy”, Fauth-Newbury said.

The store manager arranged a surprise reunion with Kirby, Fauth-Newbury and the cash on January 16th.

Though Kirby did confirm through an attorney that he had no legal obligation to return the money, he said he felt he had to for moral reasons.

Kirby said he could have used the money for a new roof, but feels better knowing he did the right thing.

No word on any reward paid to Kirby for his good deed.

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